As the societies world over invest high hopes in entrepreneurship and the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindset. We argue that this calls for taking a critical look at the values and beliefs that remain unchallenged and uncontested in entrepreneurship education. In a similar vein, we have pushed for novel philosophical perspectives in entrepreneurship research.


In our work, we have looked at the values and beliefs that form a hidden curriculum prevalent in entrepreneurship education in the Western societies. As these entrepreneurial ideas are also translated into non-Western environments, we have conducted research in North Korea and evaluated how business school can serve as an important hub of idea translation that deals with legitimacy tensions that are necessary for making the entrepreneurship education relevant for the local economy.


In order to advance the opportunities that different philosophical approaches can offer to entrepreneurship research, this paper suggests adopting a mythic-process approach in developing new meaning for the ‘beginnings’ and ‘ends’ in the process philosophy of entrepreneurship.

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