Entrepreneurship does not emerge in a vacuum but rather it is influenced by the formal institutional and social conditions that influence the decision-making of individual entrepreneurs and contribute to differences in entrepreneurial activity across regions and economies. We have investigated the crucial elements of the regional environments and their subsequent influence on early-stage entrepreneurship.


In our research, we have in particular looked at the prevalent norms and the legitimacy of entrepreneurship in a national and regional context. We find that national institutional setting shapes the evaluations on the legitimacy of entrepreneurship. The moral and social legitimacy of entrepreneurship, in turn, influence the ways in which individual entrepreneurial beliefs and how these translate into intentions and start-up behaviour. Even ‘entre-tainment’ – briefly defined as televisual media that stage and perform entrepreneurship for entertainment purposes can have a significant impact on the entrepreneurial intent.

In addition to the normative environment, we have explored the importance of regional demographic and economic conditions, and how the more immediate, local conditions play a role in the formulation of entrepreneurial intentions and behaviour.  


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