In our published work, we have looked at the practices of new venturing from a multitude of angles, such as the management of relationships with stakeholders and loan managers, entrepreneurial marketing, strategic planning, networking and team-building in new ventures, job satisfaction of entrepreneurs, and questions of involuntary entrepreneurship.


Taking an impression management perspective, we have investigated the relationship entrepreneurs have with their stakeholders, and in particular, how entrepreneurs can effectively foster social legitimacy and venture failure, and how loan managers assess the competence of the entrepreneur. Our recent work also addresses entrepreneurial marketing strategies that leverage the power of communities in social media.


In order to dive into the life of an entrepreneur, we have studied the determinants of job satisfaction of self-employed and salaried employees.


Our studies have illuminated the strategic planning practices of SMEs, and the innovativeness and performance of family-firms.


We have been deeply involved in research that looks at the networking practices and formation and cooperation of teams in entrepreneurial ventures.


In our work, we sought to bring conceptual clarity to the political and academic debates on entrepreneurship that unfolds as a necessity- rather than opportunity-based process, and results in “involuntary self-employment”.


A part of our prior research has also focused on marketing, and in particular the importance of building trust amongst consumers. 

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