An important part of our research concentrates on understanding the creation of social value and the impact of entrepreneurship for poverty alleviation. In this area, our work covers the analysis of both business solutions and not-for-profit organisations.


Our research papers have addressed how social value creation can be compared across different, unrelated heterogonous interventions, as well as the drivers and outcomes of partnerships between not-for-profit organisations that wish to enhance the social value created.


Focusing on the impact of entrepreneurship, we have in particular assessed the potential entrepreneurship offers at the ‘bottom-of-the-pyramid’, where more than 1 billion people subsist on less than $2 a day. Our work has brought together evidence on the extent to which microcredit-enabled entrepreneurship can reduce poverty in developing countries and examined how the distinctive conditions of the BoP affect the development and replication of scalable business solutions for the world’s poor.

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