Entrepreneurship is a pronouncedly multi-disciplinary field of research that offers intriguing themes for scholars from different backgrounds, such as business studies, economics, finance, education, psychology, sociology and economic geography.


Research in entrepreneurship focuses not only on the emergence and development of new firms, but also the people behind these firms, people acting entrepreneurially within existing organisations, and the interaction between entrepreneurship and society. These features make entrepreneurship a particularly fascinating and challenging field of scholarly enquiry, which is open to different theoretical and methodological approaches.

Aalto offers two doctoral programmes on entrepreneurship and new venturing: one in the School of Business and another in the School of Science.


School of Business doctoral programme

Research in this programme seeks to understand the complexity of entrepreneurship as a multifaceted socio-economic phenomenon. The diverse research interests include studying psychological processes, innovations and practises of new ventures, sustainable venturing and the creation of social value through entrepreneurship, as well as the institutional conditions of entrepreneurship in Western societies and in extreme conditions.


School of Science doctoral programme

With particular emphasis on engineering and innovation, the center of interest in this programme is on entrepreneurial leadership, including intrapreneurship, managing startup business, self-leadership, as well as entrepreneurial thinking in all technology-intensive arenas. The research focuses on creating new scientific knowledge for establishing new businesses and technology-driven transformation of large and small firms, and of entire industries.

Call for PhD Applications in the Field of Entrepreneurship

We call for applications for our doctoral program at Aalto University School of Business in the field of Entrepreneurship by January 10, 2019 by 12:00 o’clock (Finnish time, GMT +2) at the latest. Aalto University School of Business is the leading business school in Finland and one of the top schools in Europe, established in 1911. It is strongly dedicated to research.

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