Our Aalto-wide Sustainable Entrepreneurship course focuses on entrepreneurship as the driver towards a more socially equitable and ecologically responsible society. A unique feature of the course design is that it complements lecture sessions with a strong emphasis on challenge-based learning in cooperation with real-life stakeholders (e.g. public institutions, civic society organizations, private enterprises).


  • Students are able to integrate their personal interests and leverage their knowledge in sustainability by selecting between different actor-learning profiles (e.g. researcher, consultant, entrepreneur).
  • The course ends with the popular Sustainable Entrepreneurship Day where students gain experience in communicating their practical solutions to entrepreneurs, sustainability experts and policy makers.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students gain a topical overview of current scholarly and policy discussions about sustainable entrepreneurship, and learn to analyse the social and ecological sustainability of current business practices.
  • Based on individual learning interests, students are able to engage in real-life sustainability research, consultancy or start-up projects.
  • They learn to identify practical challenges for developing sustainable business solutions, and to present their solutions to different stakeholders, such as entrepreneurs, civic society organizations and policy makers


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Teacher: Patrick Shulist

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