Our popular Aalto-wide Venture Ideation course offers the opportunity for you to kick-start your own entrepreneurial project and to receive feedback that can help you with the further development of your ideas. The students work in multi-disciplinary teams and discover through experiential learning how to create, test and pitch a business idea.


  • The course contains lectures, sessions by guest speakers from the Aalto entrepreneurship ecosystem and beyond, hands-on practice of entrepreneurial skills, as well as the development of an entrepreneurial idea and “pitch”.
  • Themes covered include team building, opportunity identification and creation, design thinking, customer development, business and revenue model development, funding and presentation skills.


Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Recognize key concepts in entrepreneurship and innovation
  2. Identify, create and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities
  3. Develop and promote entrepreneurial and innovative solutions in their own life and work
  4. Reflect on and discuss the process, potential and challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation

Students will learn how to create a critical mass of business ideas, identify the most promising idea and translate the idea into a convincing business model. Based on a combination of pragmatic experiences and insights from research, students will also develop an ability to apply practical tools and theoretical frameworks that relate to team building, creative innovation, business modelling, and presenting a business idea.

After completing the course successfully, students will not only have a fundamental knowledge of the venture ideation process and how to pitch a business idea, but also a workable business opportunity that can be developed further, for instance, through the follow-up course Venture Formation (25E44000), available to the top teams graduating from Venture Ideation.


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Teacher: Myrto Chliova

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