Studying in Aalto – distinguished education and a true experience

Aalto offers world-class education. As a proof of that, the Master’s programme at the School of Business was placed 46th in the Financial Times rankings. Apart from the high-level of our education and research, we offer a most vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem to bring together students, educators, startups and experienced entrepreneurs.


  • Do you wish to gain a university diploma or study for a degree in entrepreneurship? Get familiar with our Programs.
  • Are you a student that has an entrepreneurial side? See what kinds of options we offer in Minor studies.
  • What is it like to study in Aalto? To find out, check out the Courses we offer.
  • Is your goal to develop your entrepreneurial expertise, or start and grow your business? Immerse yourself in everything that is available in within our ecosystem.
  • Where can education and learning from Aalto take you? Former students share their experiences in our testimonials.

Our programs

Do you wish to gain a university diploma or study for a degree in entrepreneurship?

We offer many options. You can select our Master’s program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, or select one of the Bachelor programs in Aalto and complement that with some entrepreneurial modules. For those that are more experienced and eager to learn more, we have doctoral programs and executive degrees.

Minor studies

Are you a student that has an entrepreneurial side?

Maybe you want to study something else other than entrepreneurship, but also gain the experience and learning that will enable you to become an entrepreneur one day. Entrepreneurial skills and thinking are also greatly appreciated  in large companies, and knowing how to run a business is highly beneficial, as an example, for those working in the arts.

We suggest that you take a look at these minors that will help you to gain entrepreneurial competences:

If you are interested in service or game design and product development, the following minors might be of interest to you – and they also have an entrepreneurial slant:


What is it like to study in Aalto?

We offer versatile learning methods that include real-life cases and online teaching.

Take a look at our Master’s program courses below.

25E00901 Project work (6 cr)

25E18000 Sustainable Entrepreneurship (6 cr)

25E44000 Venture Formation (6 cr)

25E50000 Venture Ideation (6 cr)

25E53000 Researching Entrepreneurship and Innovation (6 cr)

25E55000 Entrepreneurship and Society (6 cr)

To learn more about our courses, browse through the courses in entrepreneurship or venturing and startups in Aalto University, and get in touch with the different ecosystem operators.

Studying Opportunities in our ecosystem

Is your goal to develop your expertise, or start and grow your business?

Many of the Aalto ecosystem operators provide hands-on training that is beneficial for Aalto students. These courses are also available to entrepreneurially minded non-students – whether they are new to the startup world, or experienced professionals that are eager to constantly refresh their thinking and learn more.

Check out what you could gain from:

Also, visit the Startup Support section to learn more about ways to kick off your business and develop it into a successful venture!



Kalle Salmi

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

“MSc studies in Entrepreneurship gave me the tools and tactics to successfully lead chaotic high-growth companies in situations where traditional business management practices are of little help. Practical teaching methods in Entrepreneurship combined with network built at school create a strong asset and fruitful ground for future success in any business where entrepreneurial attitude and willingness to take ownership is valued.”


Iris Mönkkönen

Area Manager, Serres

“Aalto University has provided a great basis for my professional career. It has supported me greatly in building up highly valuable professional and private networks, both locally and internationally. With its outstanding reputation, Aalto has the possibility to give its students access and insights to the leading enterprises in Finland. At the same time, it is also a front-runner when it comes to education from a scientific point of view. Finishing my Master´s degree in Entrepreneurship has additionally challenged me to develop and apply my entrepreneurial thinking from the get-go, which I greatly benefit from in all areas of my professional career.”


Bijay Baniya

Founder & CEO, Sparkwork Software Oy

“Entrepreneurship studies at the Aalto University School of Business benefitted me in many ways: Being an immigrant in Finland, I developed a network and connections that could write intros to your potential partners, employers or prospective clients, and create that added trust that is needed for professional career in Finland. I gained the readiness to both run my own company and also run others’ companies in a leading position of MD or CEO. And, since Aalto is the premier business school in Finland, introducing myself as an Aalto graduate in business situations in Finland resonates very well among the Finns.”

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